Who Are The Davidians?

Brief History

Fundamental Beliefs

Present Truth Literature

The Religious Liberty Hoax

Glaring Inconsistencies in SDA

Adventism Over The Bible

Secret Tribunals of SDA

World War III


Above you will see the the pictures of the American flag and the statue of Liberty. They signify justice, freedom, and equality. Without these no independent religious organization or independent political party would have the room to operate without the consent of some central authority. Having these gifts of freedom let all religious and political bodies fight to maintain them even though they may disagree or may not like other entities. Without these gifts Black Americans, Women, Jews, and other groups would not have gained the freedoms and respect they have today. We may disagree but let us not be disagreeable.

"We are to throw aside our narrow, selfish plans, remembering that we have a work of the largest magnitude and highest importance. In doing this work we are sounding the first, second, and third angel's messages, and are thus being prepared for the coming of that other angel from heaven who is to lighten the earth with his glory." Testimonies Vol. 6 p.406


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